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Dogs we've sponsored in 2019

Nevada Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter serving the Reno-Sparks (Nevada) area since 1932. Check out their website here.

Dogs & Books works with Nevada Humane Society and sponsors older shelter dogs.


Scroll down to see the dogs we've sponsored!!

Each month, DOGS & BOOKS sponsors  older shelter dogs from the

Nevada Humane Society.


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NOV 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Faith, a female 8 yo Siberian Husky. Come get her! 12/15 update: Faith has been adopted! Hooray Faith!


We're also sponsoring Tank, a 10 yo Labrador Retreiver mix.  Are you his forever home? 12/15 update: Tank has been adopted! Hooray Tank!

SEPT 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno

2019-09_Zeke shepherd lab mix 10yo.jpg

We're sponsoring Zeke, a male 10 yo Shepherd/Lab mix. Come get him!  9/20 update: Zeke has been adopted! Hooray Zeke!

2019-09_Poncho pointer german short hair

We're also sponsoring Poncho, a 8 yo Pointer/German Shorthair mix.  Are you his   forever home? 11/10 update: Poncho has been adopted! Hooray Poncho!

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June 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Phat, a male 7 yo Collie/ Rough Rottweiler. What a cute face! 8/15 update: Phat has been adopted! Hooray Phat!

2019-06 Roxie 10yo.jpg

We're also sponsoring Roxie, a 10 yo Terrier mix.  Such a cutie! 8/1 update: Roxie has been adopted! Hooray Roxie!

MAY 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Jack, a 12 yo Shepherd-Chow Chow mix. He's such a ham! Come get him!   6/15 update: Jack has been adopted! Hooray Jack!


We're also sponsoring Feisty, an 11 yo Retriever/Labrador

mix.  Let's find this sweetie a forever home!  6/16 update: Feisty has been adopted! Hooray  Feisty!

APRIL 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno

2019-04_Nietzsche 7rottweilermix.jpg

We're sponsoring Nietzsche, an 7 yo Rottweiler mix. Isn't he a cutie?

5/2 update: Nietzsche has been adopted! Hooray  Nietzsche!

2019-04_Roscoe 9shephardmix-2.jpg

We're also sponsoring Roscoe, a 9 yo German Shepherd 

mix.  Let's find this sweetie a forever home! 6/2 update: Roscoe has been adopted! Hooray  Roscoe!

MARCH 2019

Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Kairu, an 9 yo German Shepherd mix. Let's find this fluffy sweetheart a forever home! 3/15 update: Kairu is adopted! Hooray for Kairu!


We're also sponsoring Bear, a 9 yo Retriever/Rottweiler/Lab mix.  Let's find this cutie pie a forever home! 4/8 update: Bear has found his forever home! Hooray for Bear!


Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Almond, an 8 yo Retriever mix. She came in with Ambrosia and staff would like to keep them together! 2/13 update: Almond is adopted! Hooray for Almond!


We're also sponsoring Ambrosia, a 12 yo Retriever/Collie mix. Let's find her and buddy Almond a forever home! 2/13 update: Ambrosia is adopted! Hooray for Ambrosia!


Nevada Humane Society, Reno


We're sponsoring Tony, a 13 yo Lab/Retriever mix. Such a sweet old boy!

1/14/2019 update: Tony is adopted! Hooray for Tony!


We're also sponsoring Hunter, a 10 yo Lab/ German Shepherd mix. Another sweetie who deserves a home! 1/9/2019 update: Hunter is adopted! Hooray for Hunter! 

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