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Upcoming Events
Every Friday ~ "NOVELS & SCRIPTS" Coaching Hour
From 11am - Noon each Friday, I host a "NOVELS & SCRIPTS" coaching hour, one of more than 30 live self-publishing-related sessions available each week. I'll discuss a different topic each Friday, followed by a Q&A session. My planned topics this year will include: plotting novels and scripts, creating strong characters, types of editing, self-editing techniques for authors, and planning for school presentations. 

For more information on how to participate, contact the Self-Publishing Made Simple team here.
October 10-12, 2024 ~ Women Writing the West, 30th Anniversary Conference
(Denver, CO)
I will be presenting the workshop From Page to Screen: Screenwriting Basics for Novelists.
November 10, 2024 ~ Christmas Under the Oaks (Clearwater, FL) 
Stop by my booth at this wonderful holiday craft fair. More than 200 vendors participating!
Clearwater Campus of St. Petersburg College (2465 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL)

Testimonial for

From Page to Screen

JoAnn Sky is a wonderful, down-to-earth presenter who knows her craft and is very organized in presenting it. Taking her class feels like talking over coffee with someone you trust about how to get started and do well in screenwriting. It can be a daunting task, starting to write in a new format, but Joann made it feel possible. – Author Sarah Reichert (S.E. Reichert)

Online Courses by JoAnn Sky

The following are online, self-paced courses I've developed to assist you in reaching your writing dreams. Question? Please contact me at or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Read Set Story! From Idea to Story in 6 Days

A step-by-step, self-paced, online plotting course for all levels. Develop your idea into a story and get ready to write the first draft!

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The DONE DONE Draft: Revise & Self-Edit your Novel in 6 Weeks

A step-by-step, self-paced, online course for all levels. "Big picture" structural novel revision techniques as well as line and copy-editing techniques to transform your draft into a publishable novel. 

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Coming in 2024!

To sign up for launch notifications, please submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Recent Experience by JoAnn Sky
  • Women in Publishing Summit (online) 

  • Writing Heights Writing Conference, Lafayette, CO 

  • Self-publishing Made Simple online course instructor 

  • Imaginarium Conference, Louisville, KY 

  • Online author workshop, International Christian School, Costa Rica

Seminars & Speaker Topics by JoAnn Sky

I offer online and in-person workshops and seminars to schools, writing groups and community programs. For additional information, please email me at or complete the form at the bottom of this page.  I look forward to working with you!

After the UFD (Ugly First Draft): Techniques for Big Picture Revisions

There’s a rush of excitement when a writer types the words “the end.” But before you rush to query or self-publish, you want to make sure your story is solid. In this workshop, attendees will learn macro (big picture) revision techniques to ensure:

  • Their story has a solid structure,

  • Their hero has a compelling character arc,

  • Their manuscript contains narrative balance, and

  • Each of their scenes/chapters serves a purpose.

Before You Hire an Editor: Self-Editing Tips for Writers

An editor is a key resource for an author. But there's still much an author can and should do before hiring a professional editor. Knowing these techniques will not only expand and enhance an author’s toolbox (resulting in improved writing skills), but will also help an author get the most out of a professional editor and achieve a better end product. In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Line editing techniques to power-up vocabulary and tighten, clarify and vitalize writing

  • Copy editing techniques to polish grammar, spelling and punctuation and ensure continuity and consistency of details

From Page to Screen: Screenwriting Basics for Novelists

In this workshop we'll discuss the similarities and differences between the novel and screenplay mediums and then considerations for adapting a novel to a screenplay.  Topics covered include:

  • Stylistic components to embed within the script

  • Formatting requirements to ensure your script looks professional

  • Structural choices to be made during the adaptation process

  • How to apply novel writing concepts to screenwriting

  • Budgetary considerations when writing a screenplay

  • How to give and receive coverage

More than Sex: Tips for Writing Romance

Crafting a great happily-ever-after story requires more than great sex. This workshop will cover:

  • Subgenres, tropes and reader expectations

  • Building passion, suspense, and emotional investment

  • POV choices for maximum impact

  • Writing sex scenes that don’t suck

How to Write Page-Turning Nonfiction

Fiction techniques aren’t just for fiction writers! Nonfiction readers don’t just want to be educated—they want to be entertained and emotionally moved. In this session, participants will learn how to employ fiction techniques, such as theme, story structure, setting, dialogue, conflict building and even cliffhangers, into nonfiction work for a more compelling read. Every writer has a story to tell, even nonfiction writers.

Never Too Old: Using Picture Books to Promote Cross-Curricular Project-Based Learning

Picture books, with their emphasis on visual presentation, have a unique ability to combine literacy, the performing arts, and STEM core curriculum. This session will explore new perspectives on developing cross-curricular project-based learning activities using picture books. Elementary students, middle graders and beyond can use these simple reads to create exciting, imaginative and multi-faceted STEM, music and visual arts projects while strengthening core literacy skills. Oh, and students (and teachers!) will have loads of fun, too!

Interested in learning more about one of my classes--or have other ideas you'd like to incorporate? Email me at or fill in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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