The Santa's Dog Series

Did you know that Santa has 100 dogs?

The North Pole has a secret… Of wags and licks and barks.

Santa has 100 dogs that like in one big park!

And so begins the award-winning Santa’s Dog series.

In the Santa’s Dog series, each book features one of Santa's dogs tackling issues that children may encounter--but told from the dog's perspective. And with these heartwarming stories, award-winning author JoAnn Sky lovingly demonstrates the deep bond between canines and their humans.

Looking for mindful stories to share with your kid (or kid-at-heart)? Look no further! The first in the series, SANTA’S DOG, promotes the importance of family, doing one's duty, and giving of oneself to bring others happiness. CAROL’S QUEST FOR COURAGE (Book 2) incorporates themes of finding one’s voice, trying new things, showing kindness, and helping others.

Best of all, author JoAnn Sky has developed teacher lesson plan packets filled with project-based learning projects for both books, so that educators can easily incorporate these stories into their classroom learning plans. Coloring and Activity Books are also available for sale for each book!

And with mindful lessons relevant any time of year, the Santa’s Dog series are stories you can enjoy ALL YEAR LONG!

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Check out this short video with images from both books. Enjoy… and Keep Reading!

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