Happy Thanksgiving from the Dog!

We have a special gift from our pooch, Macy. But before she shares her Thanksgiving cheer, we wanted to share our Thankful List. Okay, it’s not the whole list. We know we have a lot to be thankful for. But there are three fur-babies topping our list. Yes, they’re all rescues—as in, they rescued us. And we wanted to say “Thank you.”

To sweet Macy. Head honcho, we mean, Queen. Thank you for protecting the yard and patrolling for squirrels, quail, and other intruders. And for being so patient and good-natured during video time (see below). Picasso’s got nothing on you!

To crazy Reese. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for reminding us to find pleasure in the little things—like WALKS! And CAR RIDES! And BREAD! And BELLY RUBS! But please try to remember, just because someone shifts in bed at 3AM, it is NOT automatically time for a belly rub.

To our newest (yet oldest) pack member, Gizmo—our little man with a BIG attitude! Thank you for reminding us that you’re never to old to run with the big dogs (and never too old to try to take their toys).

Now it’s Macy’s turn! To celebrate Thanksgiving, Macy volunteered to make a special painting. (Okay, she didn’t really volunteer, but she was a really good sport.) And we learned something grand: Macy is a wonderful artist!

Does your dog have artistic flair? We bet so! Let your pooch summon his or her inner artist with this PAW-some Thanksgiving craft. Macy will show you how—check out her video. Oh, and if you make a masterpiece of your own with your fur-baby, we’d love to see it! Email a photo of it (and your pup) to: info@dogsandbooks.com.


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