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A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Treat!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we went looking for a fun Thanksgiving children's book. We found Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble! If you're looking for a holiday book that also advocates for a vegetarian lifestyle, you won't be disappointed.

Disclosure: We're not vegetarians. But that wasn't required to thoroughly enjoy this sweet story by author Becky Cummings. With engaging illustrations and a host of lovable animal friends, Mr. Wobble captured our hearts. And the plot twist was surprising--and great fun! Great job, Becky!


Wobble the turkey loves Thanksgiving! Especially when he finds out Farmer Joe will be “having him for dinner!” He can’t wait to be the dinner guest on this most special day. As Farmer Joe sharpens his ax and prepares, Wobble prepares too. He styles his gobbler. He practices his loud, joyous gobbles and gets to bed extra early. Meanwhile his friends on the farm do not share his excitement. Wobble just can’t understand why! How will dinner turn out for Wobble? Find out in this adorable story that captures the true meaning of Thanksgiving.